AGMT (Architectural Glass Metal Technician) KBT (Knowledge-Based Test) Prep

This prep course consists of 5 hours of PowerPoint, discussion and study materials to prepare the applicant for the KBT test. Upon completion, the applicant will receive all the knowledge that is needed to pass the KBT test. (5 hours)

AGMT KBT TEST (Knowledge-Based Test)

This part of the course is the actual knowledge-based test (KBT), which consists of approximately 135 questions. Upon completion of the KBT Test, when passed, the applicant can move on to the practice-based test (PBT) portion of the certification. (3 hours if they do not pass the test)

AGMT PBT (Practical Based Test) Prep

This prep course consists of 16 hours of hands-on practice in all facets of the PBT (Practical Based Test) to enable the applicant to be ready for the actual PBT portion of the certification. Upon completion when passed, the applicant will receive a certification from AGMT. Prerequisite: Must have passed AGMT KBT. (16 hours)

AGMT (Certification)

The AGMT (Architectural Glass and Metal Technician) certification will be a full day written exam and a day hands-on. Prerequisites include documented 7,500 glazing work hours and at least OSHA-10 certification. (Certification Period: 48 months) (16 hours)